L' Azienda Agricola Rocca, situata a Salò sulle pendici della collina Santa Caterina, produce un olio extravergine Garda DOP finalista per diversi anni nel premio Ercole Olivario.
olio del garda produzione e vendita
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Our family’s farm, in Salò. Producers of Garda DOP Extra-Virgin Olive Oil … and more.



Garda Territory

Rocca Garda DOP Olive Oil

Responsible and modern agriculture, since 1980

Our farm is located on the slopes of the hill “Santa Caterina”, which frames the Gulf of Salò to the south. The company area is cultivated with olive groves and specialized greenhouses.

The olive trees are representative of the typical varieties of Lake Garda: Casalive, Frantoi, Leccini. We have included, for over 20 years, two new cultivars called FS 17 and Don Carlo.
Harvesting is carried out early, at the beginning of the veraison and within a few hours the milling takes place, in a continuous cycle, to obtain a truly precious oil that conserves and enhances all the properties of the raw material.

Daily work and passion for nature and our territory, allow us to obtain excellent products.